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Foresman Productions


America's Greatest Tribute Shows!

Foresman Productions

Entertainment Done Right

Are you looking for great entertainment for your next event, festival, theatre, party or concert? Youve come to the right place! Foresman Productions has the very best entertainment for any event. Foresman Productions specialize in high quality, professional, Tribute Shows. Besides having top talent and incredible shows, here are a few other reasons why you need to work with us.


-We are small, independent and extremely easy to work with. I run everything myself, so there are no middleman/woman, or any add on agent fees. No red tape. I’m available 24/7.


-All the bands consist of generally the same musicians, so that gives you a lot more booking flexibility. You can book several different shows for the same week/weekend at a lower budget because we will already be there. This saves you time and money.


-Every musician is either family or extended family. They are all top in their field, extremely talented and totally professional on stage and off. No worries.


-We offer different show configurations and options to accommodate every venue and every budget...full band, trio, duo, track show, etc...


Give us a call today to book your perfect show or just to say hello.

Thanks for your time!


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